Affumicatori useful in your restaurant and butcher's shop for smoking meat, fish, salami and cheese. Electrical smokers are very easy to use, you simply have to fill the generator tank with wood chips and set the desired temperature, the temperature can be reached thanks to the electronic thermostat that allows you to use the smoker as a grill, oven or for a slow cooking. Food smokers allow you to cook any type of food, especially meat, fish and sausages, adding that particular smoked flavour. Smoking is a very ancient technique of cookind but also preservation that allows food to be flavored and preserved (antimicrobial effect). In fact, the action of smoking has antibacterial properties that slow down the decay of food and disinfect the surfaces eliminating germs and bacteria. Smoking can be:

  • Cold smoking which is obtained by setting the thermostat to a temperature between 10 °C e i 30 °C. This technique extend the storage time of foods that cannot be consumed right away becuase they first have to be subjected to hot smoking before being served. The cold smoker is used to smoke food that should be served raw and to which you simply want to add flavours,in addition both raw and cooked products can be smoked with cold smoke either directly on the plates or in small containers, cold smoke is more effective than hot smoke because isn't dispersed upwards and it remains on the products that has to be smoked.
  • Hot smoking (50-85°C), the result is similar to the combined steam oven or to a professional roaster, but with the addition of the unmistakable flavor that only smoking can give.