Browse the online catalogue of professional grills to serve your customers impeccable grilling. Le griglie sono perfette per cuocere bistecche, pesce o verdure e per questo sono ideali per le cucine di ristoranti, bar, tavola calda, mense, catering o street food truck. Visit our online store and buy a stainless steel grill, choose among the proposed models the one that best suits your needs:

  • Lava-stone grill over the burners, the lava stone has the characteristic of reaching very high temperatures in a few minutes and keeps them throughout the duration of cooking.
  • Stainless steel grill, best suited for fast food, bars, diners or food trucks as easier and faster to clean.
  • Charcoal grill which reproduces the classic grilling giving the classic taste of charcoal cooking.

Choose now online a professional grill with power or gas supply indispensable for restaurants, bars and fast-food kitchens. Grilling is the modern variant of cooking made directly on the fire, in this case the food is cooked on a preheated grate and thanks to the high heat is obtained a rapid browning that enhances the taste and properties of the food. All our grills for restaurants for sale online are made with top quality materials and are equipped with CE mark and approved to be used within each type of activity. Choose between gas grills and lava-stone grills which differ for a different heating system, the gas grill is equipped with a burner whose flame discharges the heat directly into the cooking grate where the food is placed. The lava-stone grill on the contrary has a layer of volcanic stone between the burner and the cooking grill, this accumulates heat and discharges it on food by simulating the same function of a domestic charcoal grill. Each professional grill available on our eshop is designed to perform its function in different types of activities, from the small bar for the preparation of excellent sandwiches, to the restaurant that offers full menus of grilled meat and fish.

Professional electric grill for restaurants, bars and fast-food

The professional electric grill is an indispensable element in the kitchens of restaurants, bars and fast-food. On you can buy electric grills of different depths equipped with worktop, brazier and grid in stainless steel. With the grill the food is cooked on a preheated grate and the high heat allows a rapid browning that enhances the taste and properties. All the grills on our online store are made with top quality materials, they also have CE marking and high quality standards. Browse the complete catalogue of electric grills at highly competitive prices and a wide range of choice.

Professional gas grill as an alternative to the electric one

The professional gas grill is ideal for preparing meat, fish and vegetables, all our gas grill are equipped with a pilot flame, safety valve and electric ignition. The gas grill works by means of gas burners that heat the worktop ensuring a constant temperature for cooking. The gas grill is available in both over-the-counter and with cabinet version, depending on the needs. Very convenient are also the grills with double plate to handle a bigger number of dishes, simply separate the grill dedicated to the cooking of the meat with the one dedicated to the cooking of fish avoiding in this way contaminations of flavours and smells.