The plate warmers serve to heat a large number of dishes and keep them at the right temperature because enjoying a hot dishes can make the difference. The plate warmer cabinets are made of high quality stainless steel and are available in different sizes, capacity, power and temperature, these machines are ideal for those who need to always have a large number of preheated dishes to serve food. The temperature of the dishes we use to serve food can greatly affect the final result, the plate warmer will help us to quickly heat the plate and keep it at the temperature we want. Browse the online catalogue of plate warmers and you can choose from a wide range of models from plate warmer cabinets to place the plates and close the doors to keep the heat inside of it, to the plate warmers that allow us to extract the dishes ready for a faster use.

The larger a plate warmer is and the more plates it will hold, the capacities range from 30 to 120 plates. The temperature is set by means of a knob on the side and can be adapted according to the needs that can range from 30° to 110°C. After adjustment you can fill the device with plates. Each kitchen appliance requires constant cleaning and the rule also includes the plate warmer, just remove the plug from the electrical outlet and remove any remaining plates, after this, the cylinders must be removed from the dispenser to wash the inside with a detergent that is suitable for use on stainless steel surfaces. With the electric plate warmer you can serve the dishes on heated plates and keep them at the right temperature, discover all the models available entirely in stainless steel, perfectly insulated and equipped with adjustable thermostat.