The vacuum bags and the vacuum rolls are made of plastic material suitable for food use, bags for vacuum sealer machines have a texture (hence the name of embossed bags) inside to facilitate the escape of air and eliminate it as much as possible, are also already cut to size and ready for use. As for the vacuum rolls, however, it's necessary to cut them in the desired measure and welding one end to close one side, unlike vacuum bags already cut, the rolls can contain longer food such as sausages or bread. In both cases food will last longer as the air is removed from the containers, and consequently suffers a decisive slowdown.

Browse our online catalogue of vacuum bags and rolls made of food-safe polyethylene for vacuum sealer machines, ideal for all catering sectors such as bars, restaurants, dairy farms, delicatessen and also for domestic use. Our vacuum bags are suitable for all types of use and ensure better long-term food storage. On our online store you can find a whole category dedicated to the sale of vacuum bags suitable for all models of machines, the bags available online comply with current legislation and are made specifically for food use, perfect for high aspirations and also for sharp food such as bones and shells.