The snack hoods are used in the professional kitchens of restaurants, canteens, pizzerias, fryers shops, rotisseries, bars characterized by particularly low environments, and are able to support intensive work rhythms. The wall-mounted snack hood is suitable for every industrial kitchen, all snack hoods available in our online catalogue are made of 18/10 stainless steel and can be equipped or not with a motor. The stainless steel snack hoods are made with a geometric shape in the lower part for a more comfortable mobility in the space under it. The motorized snack hood is used in the professional kitchens for restaurants, bars, pubs and hotels to make the work environment cleaner, healthier and more comfortable. A healthy climate in the kitchen is essential for two main reasons, firstly to avoid operators breathing the vapours that are released into the air during the cooking phases and secondly because these same fumes and humidity can consume the furniture and equipment. Visit the online category dedicated entirely to snack hoods equipped with modern engines that combine high suction power with maximum silence, they're able to extract vapors, grease and odors effectively.