The filtration units allow air purification freeing it from the pollutants produced in the kitchen, kitchen hood filters accumulate the polluting particles in the filters and the purified air is fed back into the environment in order to work in a healthier workplace. On our online catalogue you can buy different models of filters for extractor hoods to choose according to the type of activity carried out and the location where the unit will be placed. Discover the category dedicated to filtration units, available filtration units and activated carbon filtration units both single-phase or three-phase. The filtration units are fumes and odors suppressors dto use in the domestic or professional field in the catering sector, all products are manufactured in full compliance with current CE regulations. With the filtration and deodorization units you will obtain air treatment systems of excellent quality and high efficiency that will help to create in your kitchen a healthier and cleaner environment essential to protect the integrity of the equipment and the health of the workers.