Heated trolleys are used in hot buffet and are suitable for the catering industry, also bain-marie exhibitors perfect for catering and wherever there is a menu of hot served dishes. Heated buffet trolleys are available in both open version and closed with a transparent plexiglass dome, ideal for transporting and keeping food at the right temperature. Everything happens through the boiling water that is at the bottom of the tank where stainless steel trays will be inserted, however, there are also heated trolleys with dry hesating element that operate through resistances that heat the contact surface. Heated food trolleys are highly functional because they keep the food warm even during transport over long distances. Browse the catalogue and buy a heated trolley for the distribution of meals that can allow you to serve food as freshly prepared.

The heated trolley is ideal for canteens, catering services and hospitals that need to maintain a large amount of food at the right temperature, in addition, each heated trolley is already designed for the insertion of Gastronorm containers to keep any type of food warm, without risking to mix flavours and fragrances. The heated trolleys for meals distribution can be made with different materials always meeting the current CE standards, they can also be designed for the insertion of 1,2 or 3 containers. The heated trolleys are designed to adapt to all environments, available heated islands and heated buffet displays for every type of food, and thanks to the presence on some models of the sliding wheels they can also be easily transported. Dry heated trolleys models have glass ceramic plates and heating lamps.