Mussel washers are professional machines sold mainly to fishmongers, but also very useful in restaurants that have in their menus dishes based on fish, molluscs and mussels. Professional mussel washers allow you to clean and wash the shells of mussels and molluscs of all sizes from seaweed and encrustations fromed during growth speeding up work in industrial kitchens, this kind of operation if done manually would require hours of work. Why struggle if it's possible to quickly remove seaweed and encrustations with a continuous water jet, the mussel washer is built with high quality materials to last a long time and ensure maximum hygiene. You can choose between many models, some are equipped with a stand, also available the mussel washer with more bulky dimensions to put on the ground. Our mussel washers are equipped with a tank and easily removable brushes to easily wash them in the dishwasher at the end of use.

The electric mussel washer is made entirely of stainless steel according to current safety regulations, the total opening allows a quick filling of the tank, while a removable impeller allows a better cleaning. The upper lid is completely transparent to check the work status, and the low voltage electric control panel has an automatic discharge device, the work is carried out in total safety. Browse through our online store and you will find a whole category dedicate to mussel washers thanks to highly professional machines that can also be used to clean molluscs.