On sale online the best minibar hotel, quiet and functional machines to keep cool drinks and snacks directly in the hotel room, minibar are a must in the rooms of every accomodation facility if you want to improve room service. Our minibar guarantee low consumption and excellent refrigeration capacity, they're chosen based on the capacity and the products to contain. Minibars are available in various models all absolutely silent thanks to an absorption thermoelectric cooling technology, and a compressor with very low noise, our minibars for rooms have no vibration and are CE certified. Browse the online catalogue and discover the wide range of minibars with energy class A , A+ e A+++, in various sizes with panelled or glass doors, built-in or free positioning. All our minibars are very quiet and are equipped with a thermostat for temperature regulation, online silent and economic minibars for hotels. In the hotel, furniture and cruise ship sectors, minibars are among the most requested equipment, especially thermoelectric models with low energy consumption, lightweight and operation with any degree of inclination.

Are you looking for a minibar for your business or your hotel room? Discover our wide selection of room refrigerators that guarantee low energy consumption, they are totally silent and available at highly competitive prices built specifically for the hospitality industry. Minibars for rooms are easy to install, low cost and are appliances necessary in all accomodation activities, can therefore be installed inside the room even under a desk or built-in a bedside table or table.

Minibar Hotel: how to choose them

The Hotel Minibar are very versatile refrigerated devices designed especially for use in hotel rooms, bars, offices and even private homes. Ristosubito offers a wide range of hotel minibar to choose from according to your needs for size, capacity and intended use. When we talk about hotel minibar we mean essentialy the room minibar that is mainly characterized by its small size, this type of equipment is used in commercial contexts, especially in hotel rooms. The minibar thanks to its small size can be easily placed in any environment, even in small rooms that otherwise could not contain a refrigerator of traditional sizes. There are several models of minibar that are mainly distinguished by size, built-in system and refrigeration system, their operation is the same as traditional refrigerators but naturally the size and consumption change. Our catalogue has a wide selection of minibar suitable for kitchens, hotels and offices. The choice of the minibar depends on many factors, first of all the context of use, if, for example, it has to be used in a private house or an office before purchasing you must take into account the space available and the amount of food and drinks that it will contain. Browse the catalogue of minibar prices, made of high quality stainless steel and double tempered glass, are corrosion and shock resistant and easy to clean and durable. The most requested minibar are the built-in models, installed inside a cabinet, in these cases the most important feature will not be the design but the silence and consumption. In the case of a visible minibar the aesthetic aspect is definitely a factor not to be underestimated.