The catering display counters are refrigerated food counters for activities that must display food products for sale. In our online section you will find a whole catalogue dedicated to food counters for gastronomy, bar counters, ice cream counters, bakery and pastry counters and fish counters. Our refrigerated counters are highly professional and they also stand out for their elegant design. You can buy directly online refrigerated counters customizable by colour and functionality, each refrigerated counter has characteristics suitable for the activity for which it's intended. Discover all our food counters available in different models, shape and display capacity, ideal for displaying the goods to the public in complete hygiene all foodstuffs such as meat, sausages, fish or baked goods, you can also choose between the hot and the refrigerated one.

Professional catering display counter for sale online

Do you own a pastry shop, ice cream shop, butcher shop, delicatessen, coffee shop or supermarket? Then buy one of our refrigerated counters to display the products in a visible way and at the same time make sure they're optimally stored. The catering display counters must be chosen according to the foods they have to contain, you can buy hot counters, dry hot counters or refrigerated ones that can have neutral refrigeration, semi-ventilated, static or ventilated. All catering display counters have a stainless steel display top, an acid-resistant material that also makes cleaning operations easier. As for the design you can choose between various types of counters such as counters with curved, straight or self-service tempered glass to facilitate the view and the picking of products. Visit our online section dedicated to the sale of catering display counters for every need and suitable for every activity, all catering counters are designed to draw attention to the products they contain while keeping them fresh.