Professional dough sheeters to obtain a dough like the homemade one, the professional dough sheeter consists of a high quality of stainless steel frame and is designed specifically to be used in catering activities such as gastronomy, restaurants and fresh pasta shops. The professional dough sheeter is perfect for your pastry shop, you can finally spread evenly and in a short time the shortcrust pastry or puff pastry to make delicious cakes and croissants, discover our wide range of proposals each pastry dough sheeter will make your work in the kitchen easier.

The dough sheeters allow to carry out the work in an automated way being equipped with synchronized mats of entry and exit of the dough, in our eshop you can buy electric dough sheeters to choose according to your workload. The dough sheeter produces thin sheets without wrinkles or cracks, ideal for pastry shops, bars, restaurants, canteens or hotels, it allow to reduce the production times of fresh pasta without losing the quality of the handmade product, in addition, there's also an advantage regarding the reduction of production times, leaving more time available for other preparations. In addition to the thickness of the dough you can also choose the lenght. Not all dough sheeters are the same, on the market you can find various models more or less suitable for your needs, useful for the processing of puff pastry, shortcrust pastry, croissants, sugar paste, fresh pasta, wraps and leavened dough for pizza, also available the over-the-counter dough sheeter for those who have little space in their laboratory.