The meat and sausages mixers in butcher shops, industrial meat laboratories, delicatessen and supermarkets help to mix different types of meat and spices, are also easy to disassemble and clean. The meat mixers for sale on our online store are made of robust stainless steel and are specifically designed for intensive operation, in compliance with CE regulations on hygiene and safety. The professional meat mixers are equipped with one or two removable shovels and tilting tank, allowing an optimal mixing or more types of meat, ingredients and flavours.

Browse the online catalogue and select the meat mixer according to your needs, indispensable equipment in the catering industry for meat preparations such as burgers, meatballs and meatloaf. With our meat and sausages mixers you will treat the ingredients in an optimal way while maintaining the nutritional properties, you can homogeneously mix boneless raw meat (beef, pork, etc.) with spices and aromas and produce sausages with minimum effort. All meat mixers for sale on our online store are made with robust stainless steel structure, a material that guarantees maximum hygiene because it's easy to clean and resistant to oxidation.

Meat mixer: excellent also for sausages

The meat mixer is a tool for butcher shops and catering, for all those activities in which meat is processed. The range of sausages mixers for sale on Ristosubito meets all requirements, are easy to use and clean. Professional meat mixers allow you to mix and knead large quantities of meat to obtain homogeneous compounds and excellent consistency. The mixers are also excellent for preparing the mixture for sausages and cold cuts, as they distribute homogeneously each type of ingredient. There are different models of meat mixers, to choose the right one you must always keep in mind the amount of meat that you will daily work. All mixers models for cold cuts and minced meat are made of stainless steel of excellent quality accompanied by CE certifications. To process meat you need professional equipment to be able to better treat the first-choice ingredients while maintaining their freshness and nutritional properties. Our catalogue offers different models of meat mixers divided by capacity and number of mixers. Easy to use and clean, meat mixers are equipped with inverse direction, emergency button, tilting tank and removable shovels to achieve an excellent result with minimal effort. The machines you can buy on our website allow you to work in total safety. With the meat mixer you can effortlessly mix the minced meat or a salty filling together with herbs and spices, saving time and getting the same excellent results.