The refrigerated countertop displays can not absolutely miss in the catering business in fact in addition to having a strong utility they also perform a purely aesthetic function. Refrigerated countertop displays protect food and keep it fragrant at the right temperature and humidity, thus giving the opportunity to put them in plain sight at the disposal of customers. In addition, the refrigerated horizontal showcase can also be equipped with several shelves to display simultaneously a greater number of products.

Refrigerated countertop displays of different sizes and materials available online, for a correct display of sweet and savoury snacks. Refrigerated countertop displays are suitable for bars, pastry shops, ice cream shops, restaurants and self-service and in our online store you can buy them at the best quality/price ratio.

Refrigerated countertop displays for sale online

Do you want to display fresh food for sale in your venue? Buy online one of our refrigerated displays adaptable to every need, 100% guaranteed food freshness and strenght thanks to a stainless steel structure.

Refrigerated displays: aesthetically pleasing

Entering a pastry shop or an ice cream shop the first thing that catches our eye are the refrigerated displays in which the products are exposed. Today refrigerated displays play a role not only functional but also aesthetic. The refrigerated display is the ideal solution for bars, ice cream shops, pastry shops and all those activities that need to store their productsin an elegant and professional way. Of course when you have to buy a refrigerated display other factors affect the choise such as: budget, needs, durability and energy saving. The choice of the refrigerated display should be made carefully, Ristosubito offers models designed to meet the most different needs. Refrigerated showcases contain, store and display products, they represent a main piece of furniture, think for example of a horizontal display put on plain sight when we enter a pastry shop. Refrigerated displays must give the right emphasis to the products on display without taking away value from the surrounding environment. Products must always be clearly visible in a refrigerated display, for this reason it's a good thing to make sure there's a good anti-fog device and humidity regulation included. On our online catalogue you will find for sale refrigerated displays with a refined design that can adapt to any environment.