The big pans are convenient giant tilting pans with support for strictly professional use, these large pans use a new certificate with oscillating system, a real innovation in the professional catering industry. The tilting big pan is used for cooking especially outdoors and is made of high quality stainless steel for food use, the product consists of a high-edge pan and long handle, everything is suspended on an oscillating ball system with 4 legs. Browse the complete online catalogue of profssional big pans and discover our practical and functional proposals, oscillating pans of different capacities for cerimonies and outdoor events ideal for preparing first, second and side courses while capturing the attention of guests with a culinary show.

Giant oscillating pans are futuristic cooking tools, thanks to this oscillating system the operator has a wide range of motion and is of great visual impact thanks to culinary games that will make your venue exclusive. That's not all of it, thanks to the big pans you can cook for a large number of people while saving time and consumption. Enter our online store and take advantage of our prices that always guarantee the best quality/price ratio.

Big pan: the ideal pan for catering

What is the big pan? The "pentolo" is a particularly giant pan ideal for pasta. Used almost exclusively during catering as an attraction because it allows you to prepare in a spectacular way up to 400 courses. Ideal for restaurants and catering services is lightweight, handy, practical, easy to assemble, it allows operators to cook large quantities of food in a simplified way. With the big pan you can offer a real culinary show, used to prepare first course, risotto, appetizers, side dishes, desserts, meat or fish dishes. The big pan design is eye-catching, a giant pan held by hooks, allows you to easily prepare pasta and risotto. The big pan is used outdoors, in the absence of flames and very hot surfaces, it works with butane or propane gas. The appliance and the cylinder are placed on a fat bottom with the stove sheltered from the wind, away from immovable materials. Never move the big pan when it's still hot or running, remember to close the gas supply after use.