Every activity related to the catering sector that owns a kitchen laboratory needs refrigerated wall units especially ideal for confined spaces, in fact, the refrigerated wall unit for cold cuts is hung directly on the wall solvin annoying space problems. Refrigerated wall units are the ideal solution for storing food and drinks, excellent for all those activities that must store raw materials for production such as drinks, meat and cheeses. Our refrigerated wall units are made with a sturdy stainless steel structure for a long life and are also equipped with practical doors that can be sliding, hinged or folding, they're also equipped with thermostat and neon light to illuminate the products inside and make them more visible to customers.

Many activities like bars or supermarkets need to expose and make the products on sale clearly visible to customers such as wines, drinks, cold cuts, cheeses, etc., while saving space. The refrigerated wall units for delicatessen are a valid help to keep food in order inside your own butcher shop or delicatessen occupying minimum space, browse the complete online catalogue of refrigerated wall units and take advantage of our advantageous sales prices that always guarantees the best quality/price ratio.