What makes your ice cream the best homemade ice cream is a soft and fluffy texture. To obtain a product with such characteristics, you need to pay close attention to the freezing phase and find the right balance between sugar, fat and other solids. We offer a range of online batch freezers: you will find on sale counter-top batch freezers, free-standing batch freezers and vertical batch freezers. The ice cream batch freezer it's important because it's part of the manufacturing process of the ingredients that make the ice cream so creamy, soft and well consistent. The word "mantecare" comes froma the Spanish manteca, i.e. butter, and it's the term used in the kitchen of an ice cream shop to indicate the process of processing the ingredients to obtain a blended and creamy mixture.

The freezing phase takes place by action of three elements:

  • The stirring of the mixture to facilitate the inclusion of air to increase the volume of the mixture and make it softer.
  • Its cooling from 4-6°C to about -15°C, the sudden decrease in temperature serves to avoid the formation of large crystals in order to have a smoother and less scaly mixture.
  • The intake of air inside, captured by fat and proteins molecules.

On our online store you can buy two different versions of batch freezers:

  • Horizontal batch freezers in which the freezing vessel is rotated by 90% and is closed inside the machine, so it's not visible while working. The freezing phase is carried out by blades that act like centrifugal-force blenders, with a higher air absorption than vertical batch freezers.
  • Vertical batch freezers in which a continuously rotating blade or a helical blade, depending on the model, pulls the ice cream from the walls of the freezing vessel and mixes it. The vessel is positioned vertically above the ground and the ice cream vendor can observe the entire process, possibly intervening with changes in additions. It's preferred to use the vertical batch freezer if you want to add pieces of biscuits, chocolate chips, orange peel or something else instead of a horizontal batch freeze because its blades would shatter from the high speed.

The batch freezer for artisan ice cream is an important machine for an artisanal ice cream shop, it's the tool to obtain a foamy ice cream, perfectly dry and always soft.