Catering and hotel trolleys are the best solution for transporting objects, goods, luggage or dishes, for this reason they are very useful during service in restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars and pizzerias. In our online store you can find: heated trolleys, various service trolleys, gueridon trolleys, laundry trolleys, plate trolleys, pans trolleys, cleaning and multi-purpose trolleys, refrigerated trolleys, wine trolleys and so much more. Catering and hotel trolleys are suitable to meet every need and are perfect for professional kitchens of restaurants, catering services, self-service, fast-food but also for pastry shops, bakeries and pizzerias. The products in our online catalogue include various types of trolleys, from those designed for te exhibition of appetizers and dessert with the most accurate design they have to enhance the products displayed, to stainles steel catering trolleys, whose main feature is not the style but the functionality as they must be easily transportable and washable, and they have to contain as many trays as possible. All our restaurant trolleys are equipped with CE marking and high quality standards, for a safe use.