Hamburger makers for fast and precise burger preparation. With hamburger makers you can easily process meat, they are compact and easy to use and clean. The hamburger press automatically makes burgers or meatballs in portions of the desired weight, you can also use different combinations of ingredients such as beef, chicken or fish in combination with breadcrumbs, eggs, vegetables, cheese, soy or spices, the hamburger press is perfect for butcher shops, supermarkets, food laboratories, fast food, canteens and community kitchens. One of the most important aspects of the burger machine is that it allows us to control the weight that always remains constant, an essential characteristic for the production and packaging sector in which quantities must be defined very precisely.

Browse the online catalogue of hamburger makers ideal for butchers, kitchens and steakhouses, you can make as well as hamburgers also medallions, round sticks with adjustable weights and with red or white meat or mixed with other condiments. Every hamburger maker available on our online shop is approved for food contact in compliance with the HACCP procedure. The hamburger makers are easy to clean to ensure maximum hygiene in accordance with EC hygiene and safety standards.

Hamburger makers for butcher shops and food laboratories

Hamburger makers are needed in the kitchen to prepare tasty burgers. The hamburger makers have been studied to press the minced meat in a uniform way, they're comfortable, practical and speed up the work. The main features of these burger makers are the materials, are made of robust stainless steel that in addition to making them last longer in time, also makes them easy to clean. Hamburger makers are ideal for activities such as delicatessen, butcher shops and gastronomy activities. Preparing burgers by hand can be a long and tiring job, that is way hamburger makers are used, they're made of a mould to shape the burger and a press operated with a manual lever. Professional hamburger makers are an extremely useful tool that saves time during preparations, keeps the kitchen cleaner and does not tire the butcher. Burger presses are made of professional materials that are easy to wash and are durable, allow you to create customizable burgers that meet the tastes of your customers.