The dough dividers and rounders portion and round up the dough loaves to prepare pizzas and bread of different sizes, these equipments are ideal for gastronomic laboratories of artisan or industrial production. The rounders are also known as palletizer, in fact they allow to cut in hexagons raw dough for bread and pizza, transforming them into small uniform balls from which you will get the shapes of the bread, or once crushed the round base of the pizza. The rounding machine is ideal for all pizzerias and bakeries that want to optimize the preparation time of the dough, they're safe machines with which you can obtain in a short time balls of dough of equal weight and shape preserving the characteristics of the product.

In our category you can find dividers-rounders machine in different models but always of high quality, the dough divider can be manual or semi-automatic, both models cut, shape and round raw dough for pizza and bread in equal parts until get balls ready to be leavened and stretched out. Dough dividers and rounders for pizza and bread accelerate the work and are suitable for both industrial laboratories and for pizzerias and bakeries. With our dough machines you will save time and energy, ideal for all activities where you have to create equal dough balls without altering the organoleptic characteristics.

All dough rounders and dividers for sale in our online shop are made with high quality materials and comply with current CE standards. Of course, depending on the different needs we find various models such as the compact and handy over-the counter dough dividers ideal for retail stores, or semi-automatic dough dividers for large distribution, you can buy the automatic bread divider for professional packaging. Discover all the professional dough dividers for pasta and pizza at the best quality/price ratio available on our online shop.