The disposable packaging on sale in our online shop are made of cellulose pulp or bamboo cellulose, completely biodegradable and compostable materials, 100% ecofriendly. The cellulose containers are robust, perfect for those who offer a take-away service, available in various shapes and sizes, even with multiple compartments to separate the food. Disposable packaging are containers designed to be used only once and can be used to store food and drink, and are commonly used in restaurants, fast-foods, grocery stores, catering, etc...Using a disposable container has several advantages:

  • They are very hygienic, are in fact thrown after use;
  • They are versatile because they can be used for a wide range of foods and drinks, both hot as pasta and soups up to salads with sandwiches and cold;
  • They are easy to carry, the disposable containers are very lightweight;
  • They are space-saving, in fact they can be easily stored and assembled if necessary;
  • They are recyclable and compostable, therefore with zero impact on the environment.

Our online catalogue offers disposable food packaging and take-aways for hot and cold food, each disposable container is suitable for use in the traditional oven and microwave and is also suitable for deep freezing. Available single-compartment or multi-compartments recyclable disposable containers with separate lid. Having multiple compartments is useful to match different foods. Takeaway food is becoming more and more common and consequently it is a practice to ensure customers the convenience, even takeaway containers to eat directly from the package. For every situation we offer you the right container, by being totally compostable you can contribute to the protection of environmental health.