Cabinet tables: functionality and capacity

The cabinet tables for sale online are perfect as worktops and their use brings several advantages for all activities related to the professional catering sector.
The cabinet tables for catering are made with stainless steel structure and therefore are particularly suitable for workplaces subject to wear such as professional kitchens. Available on our online store many cabinet tables characterized by high quality and reliability, all products meet current CE regulations.
The cabinet table is a versatile element, a practical and hygienic worktop that will also allow you to neatly store necessary utensils and products in the kitchen. Browse the online catalogue of cabinet tables entirely made of stainless steel and in addition to the worktop you will also have room to be used for the maintenance, heating, preparation and storage of tools and raw materials. The reinforces cabinet tables with robust structure made entirely of stainless steel are hygienic and practical thanks to the recessed sliding doors indispensable in all those places with a professional kitchen, used to store bulky tools, items for the service and cookware of less use in preparations. The tables are available in different sizes to meet every need related to the catering industry, all made with top quality materials and are available in different models depending on the needs, are also able to guarantee maximum durability and reliability and easy to clean.
The cabinet tables are ideal to combine the functionality of a support surface to the capacity of a cabinet in which to contain kitchen equipment and dishes, suitable for public places, restaurants, bars, hotels, communities, hospitals, laboratories, clinical and medical structures..

Cabinet tables fundamental characteristics

The cabinet tables are specific complements for professional catering with structures made entirely of stainless steel. Their practicality consists in having in addition to the worktop also cabinets and drawers essential to pack products and equipment. Among the features to follow to carefully choose the tables:

  • Construction material; the first thing to do in choosing the cabinet table is to evaluate the type of stainless steel with which is made. The best is always stainless steel 18/10.
  • Tables with doors on one or both sides, the choice depends on the space available. The doors last longer but if the space is reduced it's better to opt for the practical doors on two sides.
  • Cabinet tables with doors or drawers; the use of drawers can be very useful if you need space for small tools, such as knives, rolling pins, etc... Doors are more useful for storing bulky items such as detergents, trays and plates.

Why buy a professional Cabinet table?

Are you looking for a cabinet table for your professional kitchen? On you will find a wide choice of cabinet tables with structures entirely made of stainless steel of high quality, all efficient and in compliance with current CE regulations.
The cabinet table is a versatile complement, in fact it facilitates the work operations thanks to the worktop made of stainless steel, a practical and hygienic material. In addition, thanks to the middle shelf you can store in an orderly manner the products and tools that serve in the kitchen. 18/10 stainless steel guarantees strength, hygiene, resistance to corrosive agents and high temperatures. The cabinet tables solve the problems of order in the kitchen, practical in use thanks to the sliding recessed doors and the possibility of having adjustable shelves.
Browse the Ristosubito catalogue of cabinet tables made of of resistand and hygienic stainless steel, indispensable for storing bulky tools, service tools and a wide assortment of pots to use during preparations.

What features does a cabinet table have?

The cabinet table is a versatile complement in addition to serve as a practical and hygiene worktop is also an intermediate internal shelf useful to store products and keep in order all the necessary tools in the kitchen.
The cabinet tables are entirely made of resistant 18/10 stainless steel, as a guarantee of strength, hygiene and high resistance to corrosive agents and high temperatures.

How big is a cabinet table?

The cabinet tables can have different sizes, to choose the size suitable for your needs just based on the size of your kitchen, so in case of large spaces you can choose the most capacious model that will allow us to better manage even the most abundant workflows. Otherwise it would be better to take accurate measurements of the available space.

What are the heated cabinet tables?

Heated cabinet tables are very useful to catering professionals because they allow you to prepare the dishes in advance and keep them warm ready to be served.
Also available cabinet tables with sliding doors that have practical doors on both sides, or you can also use the corner version, to furnish in a practical and functional way all the spaces of your room.

When do you need to buy heated cabinet tables?

Heate cabinet tables, also known as heated tables, are used to keep food warm, they work thanks to a thermostat placed on the side, the heat is distributed evenly throughout the cabinet table..