Kitchenaid accessories to speed up and facilitate work in the kitchen, practical and innovative accessories for high-level and functional performances in a single solution. On our online store you can find a wide selection of kitchenaid proposals. There are many Kitchenaid accessories, in our eshop you can buy whips of all kinds, bowls of various capacities made of different materials and colours and much more. Among the indispensable classic accessories we remind you:

  • The slicer/grater Kitchenaid, with stainless steel blades for finely or coarsely grated cheese and slice .
  • The food processor that cuts into cubes, slices and julienne.
  • The bowls, Kitchenaid produces an infinite number of models, from bowls with handles to glass and graduated ones.

Then there are some types of accessories less used than the previous but perfect for those who love to experiment in the kitchen. For those who love pasta, for example, the accessories available are the pasta sheet roller, the cutter set and the ravioli maker, or for those who prefer meat dishes immediately available online the meat grinder or the meat filler. Are you a healthy diet lover? Then on sale online at the best price the cereal grinder and centrifuge, to every passion there's his Kitchenaid accessory. But Kitchenaid appliances do not just perform their function but they're also aesthetically pleasing even when are not being used thanks to a design that has become unmistakable by the vintage look that makes them easy to fit into any style of furniture.