Polycarbonate lids for Gastronorm containers available in all sizes. The polycarbonate of Gastronorm lids is a plastic material very common in the production of accessories for the catering industry especially regarding preservation, freezing and transport of food. Gastronorm polycarbonate lids are resistant to acids, alcohol, oil and are ideal for storage in cold rooms, they can also be washed comfortably in the dishwasher. GN polycarbonate lids are flexible and highly impact-resistant, they're particularly suitable for storing food.

The polycarbonate lids close hermetically the gastronorm containers and are available in different sizes to choose from according to your needs, they are also equipped with handles,inlet for ladle and silicone gaskets. We offer polycarbonate lids at the best quality/price ratio to hermetically close Gastronorm containers and basins. Gastronorm polycarbonate containers are also available also transparent, perfect for food use and for a fast identification of the products, polycarbonate is light, practical and has a high resistance to shocks and temperatures from -40 to +99°C.